Saturday, September 8, 2007

Yarns 2 Ewe

Calling all knitting junkies! Yarns 2 Ewe is every Houston knitter or fiber enthusiasts mega candy store. I've yet to be bitten hard by the knit bug but both my sister, Mary and my 8-year-old have. Lil stitch is quite the finger-knitter and my lil sis has crocheted for years and now She knits! Sista Stitch live in Groves, TX where even the Pt.Arthur Hancocks has shut down. She was in knitter's paradise and doesn't she look happy!!Lil stitch demonstrates finger-knitting to her 'Niney' and my Moma
Every conceivable yarn and fabric and if I were a big knitter I'd list them here but ewe get the drift. I just like to go through and touch everything and see what I can find on the bargain isle. The knitting bug is not cheap ya'll! I was happy to see Y2E now carries a beautiful variety of hand-dyed wool rovings and even pencil rovings for felting and embellishing.

Luscious hanks-o-hand-dyed silks are some of my favorites to squeeze.
The place is huge I tell ya!

If you don't knit, you will once you see the incredible creations they have hanging around.

Yarns 2 Ewe offers classes year round and go to their Kaffe Knits Book Signing at Houston International Quilt Festival this year.
My purchases: Mine, on the left Sari yarn for a UFO journal I've been working on and couching and lil stitch's skein of variagated wool.
Yarns 2 Ewe is located at 518 Shepherd Drive between Memorial & Washington in Houston, TX 77007
(713) 880-KNIT

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Susan said...

That store rocks!

I am sorry your sister still lives in Groves... did you tell her there is a real city about 90 miles WEST? LOL