Sunday, September 16, 2007

Archiver's, Katy, TX

After doll club today, I coerced Mary into driving us over to Archiver's so I could blog it. I wound up spending over $50 bucks (Gosh I hope Daddy Stitch doesn't read this blog) The place is awesome if you love scrapbooking and even mixed media play like myself. It's way out in Katy, Tx near Quilt-n-Sew where we have our monthly MaterialGirlz meetings. Eeww! Inks and Rangers and crackle mediums. What are those pretty things? Oh, Twinkling H20's! With a name like that, I have to buy em!
Tools that punch instant tags, grommets, chainsaws...okay, maybe not but they have some SERIOUS stamper weapons at !!! Alas, no Archiver's UTEE or Opals or Molds but hey beggers can't be shoppers.Huge cropping room with paid helpers and a sold out class going on with lots of ladies wanting jobs at Archiver's. They're hiring but Mary and I decided it is a good thing this place is way out in Katy or we'd both be broke.

What I bought: Crackle Accents, Gel Pens, Chip Board Tags, Twinkling H20s, and Clear Top Metal tin, Diamond Glaze and a Quicky Glue Pen and I received a cool Halloween paper bundle for spending $50! And Bonus! I recieved a budget from Daddy Stitch for spending $50!


1410 Fry Road in Katy, TX

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rebadrive said...

Elaine...I am sooo impressed with your creativity...I always knew that you were funny, smart and talented...but I didn't know about your creativity!! WOW!!! I can't believe that you me Iris...isn't she terrific? Anyway...I think your work is amazing!! I am really delighted to run into you...and to see how well you are doing!!! Take care Fondly Ellen