Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hendley Market, Galveston,TX

Let's begin with Hendley Market on the Galveston Strand. The place is magic.

Every time we've been, it was raining so hard like it does every day this summer in Texas. But by the time we walk out with our happy little purchases, the sun is shining! It's becoming a family tradition and our way of proactively doing something about the weather.
I bought those little tin people that I encased in UTEE here.
Baskets of little tin beings....
Today, I bought a couple of antique optomitrist lenses for altered book embellishment.Vintage ribbons, hand-dyed yarns, antique office supplies, Mexican art, vintage postcards, foreign currency....what more could you want?
Howabout a book like "Bad Cats" the scoop on Cats gone wild. Little Stitch has been begging for it since we refused her the last trip. Maybe you've been looking to "Dial an Excuse" or in need of bandaides resembling strips of bacon, a gorgeous evil eye pendant, or that itty tiny rubber chicken? Vintage linens, old vegetable seeds, fortune teller cards, hand cured soap, jewelery, books, funky toys, wooden nativity scenes, Mexican art.....i'm sure i'm leaving something out.
Today's purchases..."bad cat," a colorful piece of money, child's playing cards, tin beings, vintage optomitrist lenses, woodpecker stickers, and lovely free Hendley Market business cards!


Susan said...

Darn! Don't remind me! I can't spend money right now... LOL

SeamRippstress said...

WooooHoo I got my first comment on Retail Therapy from Susan! Thank you! Yeah, i can't spend money right not either so my husband is no too thrilled about the shopping blog. Oh Well!

Hélène Deroubaix said...

hello :) thank you very much for your kind visit at my blog
many blessings to you!

Sunspot said...

Hendley market has been my favorite store for YEARS!
When they first opened they had actual Galveston victorian antiques - not so much any more, but more affordable things.
No one has any money right now!